Master of Technology (Software Engineering) in National University of Singapore, which is one of the top 10 Universities in the world. - 10+ years of experience working in Multinational corporations providing software consulting and software solutioning. - Worked in diverse domains like Healthcare, E-Commerce, Defence, Telecommunication, Finance, and Fintech. - Strong leadership and technical skills leading diverse teams with different ethnic background - Global exposure working in Singapore for many years and understanding the growing demands of Software Engineering and its technological advancements - Passionate towards problem solving in software engineering with a growth mindset

DineshChand G.R

Master of Computing in National University of Singapore (MComp) AMS expert / Techical Blogger in Certified in AWS Solutions Architect Associate / AWS Developer Associate Linkedin : GitHub URL: HackerRank: Leetcode: Medium blog URL: ⮚ Having 10+ years of professional experience with proven expertise in software development lifecycle stages like requirement analysis, design, development, testing, deployment, and maintenance. ⮚ Proficient in the development of cloud-native applications using technologies like Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Spring Security, Hibernate, MySQL, Oracle DB, RabbitMQ, Redis, DynamoDB, Elasticsearch, Docker, Kubernetes, and Microservices architecture. ⮚ Strong knowledge of Java8 and OOPs concepts. ⮚ Hands-on experience with Apache Kafka, Kubernetes, MongoDB, GraphQL, Pivotal Cloud Foundry, Oracle Cloud, and Microsoft Azure ⮚ Hands-on experience with SAAS, PAAS, and IAAS cloud models. ⮚ Proficient in System Design and API Development. ⮚ Good knowledge of Linux, networking (OSI model, DNS, Load balancing, HTTP, TCP, WebSockets), and security frameworks like OAuth2.0, OpenID Connect, JWT, SAML, HTTPS, TLS/SSL. ⮚ Proven experience working in agile teams and producing faster deliverables using CICD pipelines. ⮚ Strong understanding of the principles of the 12-factor app. ⮚ Active problem solver in online coding platforms like HackerRank, and LeetCode. ⮚ Hosted public repositories in GitHub and contributed to open-source projects.