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Program Duration

64 Hours

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Practical Learning

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PLC SCADA – Training

PLC SCADA (Programmable Logic Controller – Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) is a technology used in industrial automation. Learning PLC SCADA can open up career opportunities in industrial automation, manufacturing, and process control, as PLC SCADA is widely used to automate and monitor industrial processes.

Course objective

The course is designed to give students a thorough understanding of PLC and SCADA systems, including programming, system design, and troubleshooting. Students will be able to confidently pursue a career in the field of industrial automation by the end of the course. They will also gain hands-on experience with the softwares through real-world projects.

Key Topics Covered

  • Data allocation
  • Design process
  • Industrial Automation
  • PLC hardware
  • Wiring
Who is this Course suitable for?
  • Engineers
  • Diploma Holders
  • Graduates
  • Working Professionals
  • Anyone interested in Industrial Automation
Scope & Career Opportunities
The course covers a wide range of topics, including PLC and SCADA programming, system design, industrial communication protocols, and HMI development. Students will gain hands-on experience with industry-standard software and hardware, allowing them to develop solutions for real-world industrial automation challenges.