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Program Duration

44 Hours

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Practical Learning

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Fexible Learning

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Complete guide to NLP Chat GPT – Training Course

ChatGPT, one of the fastest-growing AI technologies, has sparked numerous conversations about NLP and prompt engineering. In this 44-hour course the participants will learn how to customise ChatGPT for a variety of use cases, including text generation, prompt engineering using Python, question answering systems, and chatbots.

Course objective

Students will gain a fundamental understanding of NLP and ChatGPT’s architecture and functionalities. They will also be able to develop practical skills in using ChatGPT for various applications. Learn how to fine-tune ChatGPT for specific use cases and explore the latest research on language modeling and its potential applications.

Key Topics Covered

  • Career Advancement
  • Chatbot & Personal Assistance
  • ChatGPT Development Techniques
  • ChatGPT for Data Management
  • Exploring Open AI & CHAT GPT
  • Fixing Bugs & Crashes
  • Integrating Libraries
  • NLP & Text Generation
  • Programming & Working with AI
Who is this Course suitable for?
  • AI Enthusiasts
  • NLP Practitioners
  • Software Engineers
  • UX Designers
  • Data Scientists
Scope & Career Opportunities

This course covers the basics of natural language processing and ChatGPT, including its architecture, features, and data management and analytics. It also provides practical guidance on fine-tuning ChatGPT for different use cases, such as programmer support, designer support, and biographical/geographical chat.