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Program Duration

128 Hours

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Practical Learning

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Microcontroller – Training Course

Microcontrollers are essential components in embedded systems used in various applications. Learning microcontroller programming can open up career opportunities in embedded systems design, product development, and robotics, as microcontrollers are extensively used in consumer electronics, automobiles, and industrial control systems.

Course objective

The course’s goal is to give students hands-on experience designing, programming, and interfacing microcontrollers with other devices. It also teaches you how to create real-time embedded systems. The advanced course prepares you to design and develop complex embedded systems by providing you with skills and knowledge in microcontroller programming, interfacing, and communication.

Key Topics Covered

Certification on Microcontrollers

  • 8051 MC
  • ARM
  • Introduction to LPC & GPIO registers
  • PIC 16F877A
  • Timers
  • VIC

Advanced Certification on Microcontrollers

  • GSM, GPS, Bluetooth , RFID, Zigbee
  • PI & CAN
  • PIC & ARM
  • PLL configuration
  • SPI & CAN
  • Timers
Who is this Course suitable for?
  • Engineers
  • Technicians
  • Students
  • Hobbyists
  • Anyone interested in microcontrollers
Scope & Career Opportunities

The course covers a wide range of topics, including microcontroller architecture, programming, interfacing, and communication protocols. It also includes practical sessions on programming languages, software tools, and hardware devices and advanced topics on embedded systems and microcontrollers